The current version of plog is 1.0.0 and the package can be downloaded at here.


Plog is written in C++ and we use cmake to generate MAKEFILEs. You can download and install cmake at here. After downloading, unzip the file, and use the following steps to build plog:

  1. Open a terminal and cd to the folder src. 
  2. Type cmake . to create CMakeCache.txt and other installation files. 
  3. Type make install to build plog and, by default, plog will be installed at /usr/local/bin

Running P-log

For current version, plog system is implemented with two inference engines:

  1. Smodels based engine,
  2. Partial Grounding Algorithm based engines.

To use Smodels based engine, use the following command:
plog -t filename

To use Partial Grounding Algorithm based engine, type
plog -p filename

About the Authors

The system plog was designed and implemented by Weijun Zhu, a former PhD student and a member of Knowledge Representation Group of Computer Science department of Texas Tech University.